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30 million objects

By Archivportal-D


The Archivportal-D celebrates together with the German Digital Library 30 million cultural heritage objects

Together with museums, libraries, media libraries and the preservation of historical monuments, we have succeeded in collecting more than 30 million objects from over 400 different cultural institutions from all over Germany in the German Digital Library (DDB). For one third of the objects there is also a digital version. Cultural objects can thus be accessed directly as images, audio or video.

The archives play a major role in this: about 21 million of the 30 million cultural objects in the DDB come from archives. These 21 million objects can also be found in the Archivportal-D, the DDB's branch-specific service. With the help of the extensive indexing data, information on documents, photos, official books, files and much more from over 190 archives can now be accessed in Archivportal-D. 1.1 million of these objects already have a digitised version like this one:

30 Millionen Objekte im Archivportal-D

Genealogical table of Carl Ernst von Oertzen - one of about 15.000 digitized objects of the Saxon State Archives (

In the last weeks new data has been uploaded from these archives:

Landeskirchliches Archiv Karlsruhe

Kreisarchiv des Landkreises Barnim

Staatsarchiv Nürnberg

Staatsarchiv Landshut

Staatsarchiv Coburg

Stadtarchiv Dortmund

Stadtarchiv Lemgo

and most recently with around 2.9 million properties

Sächsisches Staatsarchiv

As always, the many new data could of course only be uploaded to the portal thanks to the intensive work of the DDB's archive department and the great cooperation with our data partners. Many thanks to all those involved!