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Das Schlagworttool

The current status of the keyword tool interface.

A web application will soon be available in the Archivportal-D, with which you can keyword your finding aids, at first for the Weimar Republic. With this keyword tool, developed by the FIZ Karlsruhe, you can prepare your archive material independently for various online collections. You can then use the categories and the keyword selection in the online collection  as well as in the Archivportal-D to find your finding aids with keywords.

The manual assignment of keywords is supported in our tool by automatically generated keyword suggestions. Here, the titles and context information of the archival records are compared to a keyword database.The comparison shows (semantic) similarities and automatically assigns suitable keywords based on these similarities.

Ein durch den Algorithmus vorgeschlagenes Schlagwort im Objekt.

In addition to the manually added keywords ("Beamter", "Reichskanzlei" and "Deutsches Reich"), the algorithm also suggested "Beamtenbund". The editor can now decide whether to accept (green check mark) or reject (red x) this.

Currently, this procedure is based on the principle of unsupervised learning, so that the proposals only consider the basic semantic similarities between keywords and textual description. In the future, the quality of the automated keyword suggestions will be improved by extending the database of keywords that are manually added to objects. Thus the algorithm actively learns archive-specific semantic similarities and can improve its suggestions.

If you are interested in keyword indexing your archive material from 1918-1933, simply contact us:



Rebecca Hass
E-Mail: r.hass [at]


Inger Louise Banse
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg
E-Mail: inger.banse [at]