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By Archivportal-D

The Online Collection Wiedergutmachung for National Socialist Injustice currently includes references and information of around 500 holdings of German state archives. Users may access the holdings overview either by topic or by archive. In order to illustrate the diversity and variety of the documentation heritage in the field of Wiedergutmachung, we want to expand the collection by gradually integrating information on holdings of municipal origin.

During the past months, our team has been in close dialogue with the BKK, the Federal Conference of Municipal Archives. In order to encourage municipal archives to participate in our project and to ensure the timely processing of their designated holdings, the team has decided to address the archives step-by-step by the federal states. In case an archive takes proactive interest in participating in the online collection, we will include its holdings regardless of the specified order.

Holdings of municipal origin complement the state archives’ documentation with records shedding light, for example, on the early care for victims of Nazi persecution after WWII. They provide information on how regional or local bodies participated in compensation or restitution proceedings. Literary estates of former persecutees and records from associations and organizations (successor organizations in particular) document the perspective of key actors involved in the Wiedergutmachung. To increase the visibility of the Wiedergutmachung protagonists, we created the new thematic category Civil Society Actors.

The team of the Online Collection Wiedergutmachung is pleased with the positive reception of our approach. First municipal holdings – primarily from North Rhine-Westphalian archives – are already online! We will regularly update the collection, so it is always worth taking a look into our holdings overview.

In addition, much is happening in the "Further Information" section. Take a look at our new chronological overview of the most important events and regulations of Wiedergutmachung as well as at a compilation of links to external resources referring to all kinds of aspects of WiedergutmachungHere, you can find multilingual information about archival terminology or databases of persons persecuted by the Nazi regime. Among our highlights is also the podcast series "Sprechende Akten: NS-Opfer und ihr Ringen um Entschädigung" (Talking Files: Nazi Victims and Their Struggle for Compensation, in German) by the State Archives of Baden-Württemberg. The five episodes tell the story of six individual compensation proceedings and the fates associated with them – make sure to listen in!

Titelbild Podcast "Sprechende Akten"
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg