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Workshop: Archivgut ins Themenportal! Verschlagworten im Archivportal-D

By Archivportal-D

Im Online-Workshop des DFG-Projektes „Sachthematische Zugänge im Archivportal-D am Beispiel 'Weimarer Republik'“ lud das Projektteam interessierte sowie bereits teilnehmende Archive zum praxisorientierten Austausch und zum Mitmachen ein.

Am 4. und 6. Mai 2021 stellten Projektteam-Vertreter*innen aus dem Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg und dem Bundesarchiv die Grundlagen der Verschlagwortung von Archivgut für das Themenportal zur Weimarer Republik vor. Die Teilnehmer*innen aus verschiedenen Landes-, Kommunal-, Universitäts- und kirchlichen Archiven erhielten gleich die Möglichkeit, selbst Hand anzulegen und gemeinsam die Verschlagwortung zu üben und zu diskutieren.

In the online workshop of the DFG project „Sachthematische Zugänge im Archivportal-D am Beispiel 'Weimarer Republik'“, the project team invited interested archives and those already participating to a practical exchange and to join in.

On May 4 and 6, 2021, project team representatives from the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg and the Bundesarchiv presented the basics of indexing archival materials for the online collection "Weimar Republic". The participants from various state, municipal, university and church archives were given the opportunity to get hands-on and to practice and discuss keywording together.


Im Workshop wurde den Teilnehmenden u.a. das Themenportal zur Weimarer Republik vorgestellt.
In the workshop, the participants were introduced to the online collection on the Weimar Republic, among other things.


After an introduction about the benefits and potential of online collections, the structure of the systematics and the linking of archival records with thematic and geographical keywords were explained. In addition, practical tips were given on the selection of holdings and on the concrete procedure for keywording. The aim here was to make it easier to get started in practice, but also to give a realistic impression of the effort involved. The "theoretical" part was rounded off by a preview of the keyword tool that will soon be available and will make keywording even more convenient in the future.

In small groups, the participants were then able to try out keywording themselves, using selected examples from their own collections, in order to get to know the system from a practical point of view and to get an idea of the possibilities and possible initial difficulties.

The workshop format generated enthusiastic participation and lively feedback. A wide range of topics was discussed - from fundamental questions about online collections to the concrete design of individual keywords. The project team has taken the numerous constructive suggestions with it and hopes to have encouraged the participants to keyword their own archival records.

Some of the workshop's contents can be found in our handout on keywording: