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Keywording made even easier: The keyword tool is here!

By Archivportal-D

Good news for all archives that are already participating in the Weimar Republic thematic portal or are thinking about participating: The keyword tool that is now available will make keywording easier, faster and more user-friendly in the future.

What is the keyword tool?

The keyword tool is a web application developed by FIZ Karlsruhe, the State Archives of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Archives, which is now available to you in Archivportal-D. Using the tool interface, you can keyword your archive material directly and independently in the portal. This enables a more convenient processing of your archive material in the online collection on the Weimar Republic.

Das Schlagworttool

In addition to saving you time, the new tool also makes your work considerably easier. This is because keywording is supported not only by the convenient searchable system integrated in the tool, but also by automatically generated keyword suggestions.

How does it work?

You can request activation of the keyword tool via our contact details (see below). You can then log in via your usual Archivportal access.

How does keywording work in practice? You can access the keyword tool via a watch list of the archival materials you wish to keyword. Thematic and geographic keywords can be taken from the opposite system and assigned simply by drag-and-drop. In addition, algorithmically determined keyword suggestions are displayed for the objects on your watch list, which you can freely confirm or reject.

Finally, you send your edited list to the administration team for review. You will receive feedback on the approval and publication by e-mail.

Additional and detailed information can be found on our help page.


And now?

With the keyword tool, the Archivportal-D is enriched by a user-friendly tool that significantly simplifies the entry into keywording. At the same time, the release marks the conclusion of the DFG-funded project "Sachthematische Zugänge im Archivportal-D", which successfully launched the online collection on the Weimar Republic and set the course for future online collections. Of course, the Archivportal team is still at your disposal. Do you have any questions? Would you like to participate? Simply get in touch with us!

apd-themenportale [at]