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Collection Weimar Republic expanded by data and archives

By Archivportal-D

We are happy to announce, that the latest data delivery brings not only new archival records from the Universitätsarchiv Greifswald, the Bundesarchiv and the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, but also ten new archives with a selection of their records related to the Weimar Republic, which are now available for you in the online collection! In particular, we welcome the following archives:

Stadtarchiv Mainz                                                                                                 Stadtarchiv Speyer

Kreisarchiv Reutlingen                                                                                         Stadtarchiv Kamenz

Landeskirchliche Archiv Karlsruhe                                                                       Universitätsarchiv Stuttgart

Sorbische Institut Bautzen                                                                                   Haus der Stadtgeschichte Ulm

Letteverein Berlin                                                                                                 MARCHIVUM Mannheim

Karte von Deutschland zur Zeit der Weimarer Republik mit Hervorhebung der Gebiete, in denen sich die neu hinzugekommenen Archive befinden.

In the new data delivery, archives from these orange marked regions of the Weimar Republic have been added.


The data stock in the collection has thus been expanded by approx. 13,000 objects to almost 44,000 objects! Now even more records from other regions of the Weimar Republic can be researched.

For example, the following new objects await you:


Plan of the crime scene and surroundings of the assassination of Matthias Erzberger, Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Abt. Staatsarchiv Freiburg, F 179/4 Nr. 19.


Schwarz-weiss-Fotografie von Bahnhofshalle

Photograph "Berlin: The Last Passenger (Stettiner Bahnhof)" from the Willy Pragher Collection,
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Abt. Staatsarchiv Freiburg, W 134 Nr. 003402.


Titelblatt der Zeitschrift

Fashion Sheets. Volume 6 (1932/33) 1-10, LV_A_Archiv_ModBl_1932 , Lette Verein Berlin.



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