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DFG-Project „Thematic Access Weimar Republic“ completed

By Archivportal-D

"Explore collections" and a new look for Archivportal-D

Originally planned to be carried out within 36 months, in the end it took almost four years to complete the project due to Covid-19, several bridging periods and self-financing extensions. Much has been accomplished during these four years: within the framework of the project, the web portal has been given a thoroughly new design, its visuals and usage catering to the needs of our users. We want to particularly thank our technical operator, FIZ Karlsruhe, who substantially carried out this task with their own funds.

The main outcome of the project is the online collection "Weimar Republic". There you can research archival holdings from various archives via thematic tagging, ranging from A as in Abgeordneter to Z as in Zoologischer Garten. The keywords cover all areas of politics as well as life between 1918/19 and 1933. Have a go and explore the archival holdings in the online collection "Weimar Republic"!


"George looking for Easter eggs", Willi Pragher photo collection, Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg - discover this photo and many more archival records in the sub portal "Weimar Republic"

Take part and design a new online collection yourself

The new online collection "Weimar Republic" delivers the technical framework for further online collections, too. Now it is your - the archives - turn: Do you, maybe in cooperation with other institutions, plan to digitize part of your holdings and would like to process them topically or display them together online with holdings of other institutions? Then you may create your very own online collection to make your work public! This way, you need not develop a platform for your project and may present your results centrally on Archivportal-D.

Should you have any questions regarding your participation in Archivportal-D or the online collection "Weimar Republic", please do not hesitate to contact us: apd-themenportale [at]

Das Schlagworttool
The Archivportal-D keyword tool: helping you to edit archival records thematically

New impulses for the archives sector

The project results yielded some new insights regarding AI-assisted indexing and the opportunities and weaknesses of this technology. In our experience, extracting abstract keywords from archival descriptions via "intelligent" machines poses a challenge, which can only be met by investing a lot of time and effort, e.g. designing complex semantic networks. Yet, simpler processes, like the recognition of defined keywords, are, in essence and regarding German language archival descriptions, already operational today.

In course of the project, the Archivportal-D keyword tool has been developed to ensure the simple and quick editing of archival descriptions in the online collection. The tagged archival records may be downloaded and thus be reused in an archive's own database.

Last but not least, Archivportal-D and its online collections are going to be an integral part in the archival field of activity "Transforming Compensation". Using the online collection "Weimar Republic" as a framework, archival records and information with regard to this important subject of German post-war history will be made available in a new online collection called "Compensation of National Socialist Injustice". Further information on this project will be published here in due time.


Screenshot der alten Startseite des Archivportal-D
Only those among you who have been visiting Archivportal-D for a long time will know this: the site of Archivportal-D before the relaunch in October 2020. The online collections as well as the new design made the site much more dynamic.