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National Socialist Injustice
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Politischer Rahmen

This list provides an overview of the holdings relevant to the topic. In case of large holdings not dealing exclusively with compensation, the name of the relevant classification is given below the holding's name, if available.

As a rule, the links lead to the holding page in Archivportal-D. From there, a button on the right will take you to the related archival records, if available. Some holdings that have not yet been released online cannot be currently linked.

Unless stated otherwise, the information on dates and scope only includes documents related to compensation.


Politisches Archiv des Auswärtigen Amts

Hinweis: Relevante Unterlagen sind unter dem Aktenzeichen 552 „Wiedergutmachung“ und 553.32 „Forderungen gegen das Deutsche Reich aus dem 2. Weltkrieg (Reparationen), im allgemeinen“ zu finden.

B 86-REF. 514
ca. 315 VE

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