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National Socialist Injustice
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Applications and Decisions

This list provides an overview of the holdings relevant to Wiedergutmachung. In case of extensive holdings not exclusively containing Wiedergutmachung-related records, the relevant classification level is referred to below the title of the holding.

The links usually lead you to an object page in Archivportal-D, providing more information of the chosen holding. A button on the right will give you access to the holding’s individual records, if available. Please note: Some holdings have not yet been released online, so you currently will not find a corresponding link.

Unless stated otherwise, the information on dates of creation and on extent only refer to the records related to Wiedergutmachung.

Last updated: 08.04.2024



Note: Einschlägige Unterlagen sind unter dem Aktenzeichen 4936 zu finden.

Reference number of holding:
B 229
Date of creation:
8 Verzeichnungseinheiten

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