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Does your archive have historical files, photos or other archive material on a specific topic for which you would like to help design a online collection?

For example…

Mögliche Themenportale im Archivportal-D
Possible topics for a new online collection. (Photo credits top left: BArch, Bild 183-M0501-434 / Franke, Klaus).
Then we cordially invite you to join us!


Online collections provide a presentation opportunity for your own or cross-institutional cataloguing or digitisation projects and support us in our aim of establishing a Germany-wide search for archival material.

In order to help shape an online collection in Archivportal-D, your institution should be a data partner of the German Digital Library and Archivportal-D and make its finding aids available in the Archivportal-D.
You can find further information here.

Contact us if you are interested in developing an online collection!
We are looking forward to your message!

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E-Mail: apd-themenportale [at]