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Here you will find help in navigating through the Archivportal-D, the online collections and the keyword tool.

Archivportal-D offers access to more than 200 German archives. On this platform, users can research institutional information on numerous archives, descriptive information on their respective holdings and digitised archival material.

Startseite des Archivportal-D

Landing page of the Archivportal-D


How does the Archivportal-D work?

Find archives

On the landing page, the selection by federal states and sectors offers you the possibility to limit your search by geography and by sector of archive. For example, if you are interested in search results from church archives in Brandenburg and Berlin. You start your search for the selected filters using the green magnifying glass next to the search slot, even if the search slot is empty.

Eine Suchanfrage für kirchliche Archive in Brandenburg und Berlin

A search query for church archives in Brandenburg and Berlin can be started with the magnifying glass next to the search slot.


Find records

On Archivportal-D, all participating archives provide information about their archival material and, if available, their finding aids and digitised material. Via "Find records" you can narrow down the wide range of holdings to your search interests. You can not only refine your search by geography and by sectors of archival institutions, but also narrow down the time of origin, select specific types of archival records such as photos or documents and even search directly for individual persons or organisations. These individual filters can also be combined, for example, to display only the film material of politician Kurt Kiesinger, but omit photos and estate records.

Suchanfrage Kurt Kiesinger

Select the filters that are relevant for you in the drop-down menu "Document type".


The search result page

The search results page displays all indexing information, the link to the digitised material (if available), a preview image of the object and information in which archive it can be found.


The favorites list

Save your search results in the favorites list to collect interesting objects or to prepare your next visit to the archive. You can also create several favorites lists, for example, for different topics or archives, and add notes and descriptions to the lists and the archival material. Share your favorites list with friends, colleagues or other researchers and add notes and descriptions to the records in your list.


The favorites list in the Archivportal-D.

The advanced search

The advanced search is primarily aimed at experienced users. It serves to carry out your search in even greater detail. Here you can search specifically in individual indexing fields, for example in the title or in the contents note, or you can limit your search to individual indexing levels in advance. Combine criteria from different fields and limit your search to individual archives and holdings. Please note when selecting archives/holdings that only archives with online finding aids provided will appear here for selection.


Online collections

To make it even easier for you to search for archival material, Archivportal-D creates online collections to provide you with archival material on a specific topic, e.g. the Weimar Republic. Read on to find out how you can use the collection effectively.

Themenportal Weimarer Republik - Startseite

The landing page of the online collection "Weimarer Republik".


How does the online collection "Weimar Republic" work?

Finding archival records with "Select keywords by topic"

Narrow down your search by using the appropriate keywords and thus obtain archival material on individual topics and events of the Weimar Republic. For example, you are interested in the topic "Political Murder" in the category "Domestic Political Controversies". If necessary, you can also limit your search to the individual subcategories (in this example: "Political Violence and Republic Protection").

Kategorienauswahl auf der Themenportal-Startseite

Several categories with subcategories lead to selection of keywords on topics and events.


Finding archival records with "Select keyword by geography"

Here you can narrow down your search geographically and thus obtain archival material on individual regions or countries. Keywords that are subordinate to the nation state "Deutsches Reich" can also be selected on the historic map, such as "Freistaat Bayern".

Historische Regionen finden im Themenportal

Several categories with a map lead to a selection of keywords on individual regions or countries.

If you combine the keyword selection by geography with the selection by topic, your result will be limited geographically. For example, you are interested in the topic "ceded territories", such as "Alsace-Lorraine".

Differenzierte Suchoptionen im Themenportal

A combination of keyword by topic and geography limits your topic search on the region or country you chose.


Finding archival records with "Keyword selection A-Z"

Here you will find all keywords (topics and geography) in alphabetical order.

A-Z Index

The A-Z index of the online collection: keywords in alphabetical order.


Where did I find the keyword?

The following applies to all keywords: Click on the icon in front of the keyword if you want to display the path of the keyword again.


The keyword path indicates to which category a keyword belongs to.


The search results page in the online collection

On the search results page you can now add or remove keywords from the collection. Keywords from your current search are marked orange, other keywords to which the archive material has been linked are marked grey.

You can also refine your search using the various filters from Archivportal-D (e.g. date of creation, archive and holdings selection).

Suchergebnisse für das Schlagwort "Kapp-Lüttwitz-Putsch"

Search results for the keyword "Kapp-Lüttwitz-Putsch".

You can also refine your search using the various filters from Archivportal-D (e.g. runtime, archive and holdings selection).

Schlagwörter in Kombination mit Filtern

The search result for "Kapp-Lüttwitz-Putsch" in combination with the Archivportal-D filter "Provenienz".


How does the online collection "Compensation for National Socialist Injustice" work?

The online collection "Compensation for National Socialist Injustice" is being built up step by step in three stages. The holdings of state archives of the federal and state governments can already be searched thematically and regionally.

On the start page of the online collection, you can research holdings via two access options – thematically and structured according to the archives. In the thematic area, four upper categories (compensation, restitution, international, as well as SBZ and GDR), which are oriented towards the main focuses of compensation practice, are available for selection. Short explanatory texts are also provided for each of the upper and lower categories. The results page offers an overview of the thematically relevant holdings. You can access the information on a strictly provenance-related basis via the "Archives" tab. There you can select a federal state and get a list of the respective holdings of an archive.
In the "Zur Vertiefung" section, you have the opportunity to learn not only about the project of the online collection, but also about the history of compensation policy. Resources for understanding, legislation texts, a glossary, further literature recommendations and maps, can also be found in this area.
In a list of abbreviations, common abbreviations from the topic area of reparations are resolved.


Join the Archivportal-D!

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Participate in the online collections!

Besitzt Ihre Archiveinrichtung historische Akten, Fotos und anderes Archivgut zur „Weimarer Republik“? Dann laden wir Sie herzlich ein, beim Themenportal mitzumachen!
Unterstützen Sie uns bei dem Ziel, eine deutschlandweite Archivgut-Suche zu dieser historischen Epoche aufzubauen! Für Ihr Archiv hat eine Beteiligung viele Vorteile:

Nutzende erhalten einen niederschwelligen Einstieg in die Suche nach Archivgut und ganz neue Nutzergruppen werden für die Arbeit mit Archivgut gewonnen. Durch die sachthematische Zuordnung kann das Archivgut Ihres Hauses als thematisch relevant präsentiert werden - auch wenn die Bestände nicht im ursprünglichen Fokus der Suchenden lagen. Mit einer Beteiligung am Themenportal erhöhen Sie die Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Archivalien erheblich.

Das Themenportal „Weimarer Republik“ ist das Produkt des DFG-Projekts „Aufbau einer Infrastruktur zur Implementierung sachthematischer Zugänge im Archivportal-D am Beispiel des Themenkomplexes 'Weimarer Republik'“ der Projektpartner Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Bundesarchiv, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek und FIZ Karlsruhe (2018-2021).
Mehr Informationen finden Sie auch in der ausführlichen Projektbeschreibung.

Um beim Themenportal mitzumachen, sollte Ihre Institution Datenpartner der Deutschen Digitalen Bibliothek und des Archivportal-D sein und ihre Findmittel auf Archivportal-D zur Verfügung stellen. Informationen zur Teilnahme siehe "Mitmachen beim Archivportal-D".



Hilfestellung beim Aufbau eigener Themenportale

Sie möchten ein eigenes Themenportal aufbauen? Sie interessieren sich für die Gliederung von Systematiken, die Anlage von Kategorien und kontrollierten Vokabularen? In unserer Guideline bieten wir einen Überblick über Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten, die sich beim Aufbau des Themenportal "Weimarer Republik" bewährt haben und liefern Tipps und Tricks zum Frontend und möglichen Strategien der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit.


Contact us for participation in the online collection! We are looking forward to your message!

E-Mail: apd-themenportale [at]


The keyword tool

In the Archivportal-D you will soon have a web application at your disposal with which you can keyword your finding aids. With this keyword tool, you can independently prepare your archive material for the various online collections.

Das Schlagworttool

The current status of the keyword tool interface.

Your keyworded finding aids can then be found via the categories and the keyword selection in the online collection as well as further on in the Archivportal-D. If you are interested in keywording your archive material, simply contact us using the contact details above. You can find more information about the keyword tool here.