Workshop with manufacturers of archive software on the topic of data provision for portals

By Archivportal-D


Event on 4.12.2017, Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen, Duisburg

For the fifth time already, a workshop took place at the end of this year, which regularly brings together representatives of the archive community as well as (archive) portals with providers of archived software to exchange experiences. The event was jointly organised by the EAD-AG, Archivportal-D in conjunction with the DDB Archive Department and the Landesarchiv NRW, which kindly made its premises in Duisburg available for this purpose. In terms of content, the focus was once again on technical and specialist issues for improving and simplifying the ingest of archived data. The following aspects were particularly highlighted:

  •     Availability of standardised data export interfaces in the EAD(DDB) profile
  •     Possibility of norm data referencing or maintenance of GND references
  •     Support of the archived METS-MODS profile
  •     Implementation of stable and unique identifiers
  •     Perspectives on the establishment of OAI-PMH interfaces and consideration of EAD 3.0


Workshop 04.12.2017

Presentation of participants

This showed that the very positive development already noted last year continued in the above-mentioned fields of action. So all new versions of the current archive software solutions have EAD(DDB) interfaces and the possibility to deposit norm data references and/or GND references. It also became clear that all involved actors have taken into account the basic problem of stable identifiers and that solutions have already been implemented. Conceptual clarification need was identified with the topic Harvesting and/or establishment of OAI-PMH interfaces in the archive data context. A separate workshop will take place in March 2018. With regard to the consequences of the publication of EAD 3.0 the following opinion resulted: The manufacturers articulated unanimously to want to wait here at first because currently no need of archives is (still) recognizable. On the part of the EAD-AG, various currently discussed scenarios were referred to in order to address the issue. However, all scenarios are based on the conviction that, on the one hand, the further development of the EAD standard on an international level must also be adequately considered in the national context, and, on the other hand, the consolidation of the data provision workflows based on the current EAD(DDB) profile must not be jeopardized and planning security must be guaranteed for the coming years.  

Program and presentations (PDF)

1. (Archive) portals and provision of data: progress reports and planning

2. Erfahrungsbericht der DDB-Fachstelle Archiv zu Aspekten der Datenbereitstellung sowie Entwicklungen rund um EAD(DDB) – Oliver Götze, Matthias Forster (DDB-Fachstelle Archiv, LABW und BArch)

3. Short presentations of the manufacturers