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By Archivportal-D

There are new exciting virtual exhibitions by archives to be discovered online. Using DDBStudio, the participating archives have created exhibitions presenting part of their unique holdings for you to enjoy while on the road, at home or meeting with friends. Come take a peek!

If you work in a cultural institution and would like to curate a virtual exhibition yourself, you can find more information at DDBpro.


The "Gigelberg" in pictures. A journey through time from the 19th century to today

A virtual exhibition by Biberach City Archives

An der Schillerhöhe, 05.1938
The "Schillerhöhe", 05.1938, from the collection of: Biberach City Archives | Photo: Hans Saebens |

The "Gigelberg". The striking elevation to the west of the city centre is considered a landmark of Biberach. It is known throughout the district, mainly due to the Schützenfest. But the Gigelberg is much more than just a festival site. Many a Biberach resident has played on this beloved mountain as a child, got into mischief and spent many happy hours there. And the Gigelberg also has a lot to offer from a historical perspective. This exhibition is intended to give insight into its exciting history and rediscover forgotten details.

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Bridges Beyond Lights. The European Captials of Culture Novi Sad, Timișoara, Veszprém

A virtual exhibition by the Institute of Danube Swabian History and Regional Studies

Picture postcard with Ujvidék - Kossuth Lajos-utca (Neusatz - Kossuth Lajos alley)
Picture postcard with Ujvidék - Kossuth Lajos-utca (Neusatz - Kossuth Lajos alley) from Novi Sad, from the collection of: Institute for Danube Swabian History and Regional Studies |

Three European cities, three regions of origin, many connections. In 2022, Novi Sad/Neusatz/Újvidék/Nový Sad in the Serbian autonomous province of Vojvodina will be the first city outside the European Union to bear the title of European Capital of Culture. It will be followed in 2023 by Timișoara/Temeswar/Temesvár in Romania and the city region of Veszprém/Wesprim/Vesprím-Lake Balaton in Hungary.

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