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Virtuelle Ausstellungen in der DDB

By Archivportal-D

Two archives have been busy again and have created great virtual exhibitions with the DDBStudio. If you can't really go to the museum, these entertaining and attractively designed insights are highly recommended.

If you work in a cultural institution and want to curate a virtual exhibition yourself, you can find more information at DDBpro.

"Ik denke der Affe laust mir!" Prussia after the foundation of the German Reich in 1871

A virtual exhibition of the Privy State Archives of Prussian Cultural Heritage.

Virtuelle Ausstellung Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Cover of the exhibition "Ik denke der Affe laust mir!", after a lithograph by Félix Régamey, caricature from: "La République à Outance", Paris, from the collection of: bpk, Image-No. 30019786 (Rights reserved - Free access)

The proclamation of King Wilhelm I of Prussia as German Emperor on January 18, 1871 sealed the foundation of the German Empire. In this virtual exhibition, the Secret State Archives of Prussian Cultural Heritage illuminates the self-image of the Prussian kings, who now had to find their way into their new role as German emperors, as well as the social consequences of tenement building, the development of the economy or the increasing militarization of society. The founding of the empire under Prussian leadership had a lasting impact on the further course of German history; however, it also had numerous repercussions for Prussia.

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Lifestyle in the archive. Hessian clothing from six centuries

A virtual exhibition of the Hessian State Archive

Virtuelle Ausstellung Hessisches Landesarchiv
Mannequins in front of the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden, photo: Rudolph, from the collection of: Hessian State Archive (CC BY 4.0)

Fashion, lifestyle and archive? That is no contradiction. After all, the reality of life in past eras is continuously reflected in the written records kept in the Hessian State Archives. This also documents the fashions of days gone by. The online exhibition will try to look into the minds of contemporaries via the clothing and accessories of past centuries, in order to get beyond the shell into the intentions and world views behind it.

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