New archives in the Archivportal-D - Ingest gradually restarts

By Archivportal-D

Small new ingests are possible again, large amounts of data and updates still cause technical problems

Current status

In the last weeks there were already some positive messages about new archives in the Archivportal-D, currently the ingest of archive data starts again successively. Presently the ingest of smaller initial deliveries is working. Technical work is still in progress on processing larger amounts of data (national archives etc.) and on ingesting updates for archives that are already represented in Archivportal-D.

In the course of the comprehensive technical overhaul of the joint infrastructure of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB) and Archivportal-D over the past year and a half, there have been considerable delays in the ingest process in all cultural sections of the DDB. Thanks to the joint work of all parties involved, archives can now ingest new data into the DDB.

At present, there are around 24.5 million objects in the DDB (14.3 million of which are in Archivportal-D alone), a number that will soon rise to over 30 million with the coming ingest. The technical overhaul of the data infrastructure, which was not visible from the outside, was necessary in order to be able to continue to cope with the constantly growing data volumes and to keep them searchable for users within a reasonable period of time.

Due to the ingest delays, a longer queue (currently 110 archives) was created, which is now being processed. Due to the technical restrictions, smaller initial tests will be carried out first. Updates and larger amounts of data will probably be technically possible again within the next two months.

How to contact us:

We thank all data providers for their patience. We will contact you in the course of the next few weeks as soon as there are news about the upcoming ingest or queries about your data set. You are also welcome to contact us. You can reach us under:

archiv [at] (archiv[at]deutsche-digitale-bibliothek[dot]de)

You can also contact us personally at the

and the

New data partners:

We are pleased to announce the following 22 archives, which are new to the Archivportal-D and the DDB since the resumption of ingest, and we would like to welcome them: