BKK recommends that municipal archives participate in Archive Portal-D

By Archivportal-D

 Bundeskonferenz der Kommunalarchive  beim Deutschen Städtetag

"To ensure that the municipal, city, county and other municipal archives are perceived in the increasingly digital world and that interested parties can find more than just the state records in Archivportal-D on the internet, the broadest possible participation of the non-governmental archives in Archivportal-D is essential. For the archive and its holdings, Archivportal-D offers a great opportunity to make itself and the archived material known to new user groups."


This passage can be found in the guide for action for municipal archives on the occasion of the launch of the Archivportal-D - the current recommendation of the Federal Conference on Municipal Archives at the German Association of Cities and Towns (BKK). Of course, we are happy to refer to the paper at this point. You can find the complete text here on the BKK website.