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By Archivportal-D

In the section "Archives introduce themselves" we present the various data providers of the Archivportal-D and link to their holdings. We are pleased that the city archives Titisee-Neustadt is included!

The city archives is the memory of the town of Titisee-Neustadt. The official records of the town administration and the former communities of Neustadt im Schwarzwald, Titisee mit Jostal, Rudenberg, Schwärzenbach, Waldau and Langenordnach are organized, indexed and permanently stored here. These records are supplemented by collections (picture documents, newspapers) and bequests from associations, companies or private individuals, which document important areas of municipal life.

At present, the holdings comprise more than 500 linear meters of archive material.
Overview of the holdings of the Titisee-Neustadt municipal archive in Archive Portal-D.

The archive material is available for inquiries from administration, research and the public. Registration is required.



Stadtarchiv Titisee-Neustadt

Pfauenstraße 4

79822 Titisee-Neustadt

E-Mail: archiv [at]