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By Dr. Margrit Prussat

Matriculation books, lecture registers, personnel files, senate minutes, university newspapers... The University of Bamberg Archives preserves the records of today's Otto Friedrich University and its predecessor institutions. In 1647, the Academia Ottoniana was founded as the first university in Bamberg, and in 1773 it was expanded into the classical four-faculty university. After the abolition of the university in 1803, academic studies could be continued in various institutions: the Lyceum Bamberg - which was renamed Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule in 1923 (1803-1972), the Pädagogische Hochschule (1958-1972) and the Gesamthochschule (1972-1979). Finally, in 1979, the University was re-established.

The archive has the task of forming a historically meaningful record that shows as many facets of university life as possible since 1647. This includes, for example, documents from the committees, the university management and administration; documents and certificates relating to studies, teaching and research; scientific bequests; documents on the external impact of the university as well as on supra-regional university policy initiatives. These records serve as legal security, are the basis for scientific research and contribute to the formation of the identity and tradition of the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg.

Today, the holdings comprise about 1500 linear meters as well as digital data. Via a web-based research platform, the first inventory overviews, approved description information and, in part, digital copies of archival records can be accessed. The upload of the description information to the Archiveportal-D is being continued successively.

The digitization of the archive's holdings and digital archiving have high priority and are among the archive's main areas of work. With the Bamberg Professor Catalog, the University of Bamberg Archives maintain an open access database that includes the academic teaching staff and other important personalities of the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg and its predecessor institutions. Analogously, a matriculation portal for the first university is made available online.

The holdings of the University of Bamberg Archives in Archivportal-D.


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Foto, das den Eingang des Universitätsarchivs Bamberg, einen hohen Torbogen, zeigt.
Eingang des Universitätsarchivs Bamberg