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Archives introduce themselves - Stadtarchiv München

By Archivportal-D


A municipal archive is first mentioned in Munich in 1520 in the official area of the city chamber. At that time, all deeds and documents of legal relevance to the city were stored in the City Chamber rooms at the City Hall. In 1777 a "Stadtarchivarius" was appointed for the first time, who was a member of the Inner Council. Since 1893 the town archives have been organised as a separate municipal office. In 1890/92, City Building Councillor Hans Grässel erected a representative new building for the archive adjacent to the tower of the Old Town Hall, but it was too small from the start. In 1926, a large part of the archive holdings therefore had to be moved to the former municipal weir office at Winzererstraße 68. After the destruction of the archive building at Marienplatz in the Second World War, the archive was moved completely to Winzererstraße. The holdings did not suffer any wartime losses due to the timely removal. Until 1989, the building in Winzererstraße was extended by a modern storeroom building designed by the architect Hans-Busso von Busse and calculated for long-term growth.

Das Stadtarchiv München
View into the reading room of the Stadtarchiv München

The Stadtarchiv München, one of the largest municipal archives in Germany, is today an office subordinate to the Lord Mayor of the City of Munich. Its holdings document the political activities of the city as well as the municipal administration from the Middle Ages to the present day in almost all areas of responsibility. The oldest municipal archive is a document from 1265, a tax law award by Duke Ludwig the Strict. However, the quantitative focus of the documents is on the 19th and 20th centuries. The Munich City Archives currently hold around 90,000 documents, 20 shelf kilometres of files and official books, 30,000 maps and plans, 1.8 million photos, around 56,300 posters, 3,000 sound and film documents and around 160,000 books and magazines.

Initially, 17 of the central older records such as "Mayor and Council", "Holy Spirit Hospital", "Council Meeting Minutes" and "Tax Office" with a total of 84,000 indexing units will be made available for the archive portal-D. These records were subsequently digitally recorded (retroconverted) as part of the DFG's "Scientific Literature Supply and Information Systems" funding programme. They all contain a substantial part of documents from the period before 1800 and cover a total period from the 9th century to 1979.


Holdings of the Stadtarchiv München in Archivportal-D