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Archives introduce themselves - Stadtarchiv Magdeburg

By Archivportal-D


The town archive consists of the building file archive and the administrative archive (intermediate archive). In total, it currently holds about 7 500 running metres of records. of archival, written and collection material. The final archive includes files, town books and other documents of the individual structural units of the town administration since 1632, files and minutes books of the town council or of the city council, files of the incorporated villages, collections/stocks of non-official origin, such as estates of Magdeburg personalities, documents of associations and societies, daily newspapers since 1717, company newspapers of the GDR era, photos, historical postcards, engravings, maps and plans, autographs, coins, posters, contemporary history collection with leaflets, diaries, letters etc. The archive library is a reference library. It contains about 22 000 volumes, mainly Magdeburgica from the 16th century to the present.

The building files make up about one third of the total stock. The holdings of the former municipal building police, which began around 1830, are supplemented by ongoing file submissions from today's Building Regulations Office.

The administrative archive has existed since 1952 and acts as an intermediary between the registries and the final archive. It records files that are no longer required for the current course of business. After expiry of the respective retention periods and evaluation, some of the files are transferred to the final archive, the rest are destroyed.

The finding aids of 16 holdings were initially provided for Archive Portal D. Among them, Old Town I is the stock of the archive with the oldest urban tradition (1632-ca. 1815). It was created after the destruction of the town and the archive in 1631 during the Thirty Years' War. About half of the collection was lost during the Second World War. This is followed by the Old Town II collection (until about 1906). In the archive portal D, the holdings of the cities of Sudenburg (Rep. 8), Neustadt (Rep. 7) and Buckau (Rep.6), which were incorporated in the 19th century, can also be researched.

Several smaller holdings are also accessible. The Magdeburg aldermen's speeches (Rep. 53) are documents of the newly founded Institute for the Research of Magdeburg City Law, which was attached to the City Archives during the Nazi era. In addition, there are holdings whose tradition mainly extends from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, such as the Trade Council (Rep. 10 B), the Housing Office (Rep. 10 C), the German-Catholic Community (Rep. 10 F), the School of Trade (Rep. 10 H), the Administration for the Poor (Rep. 10 J), the Royal Railway Main Workshop Buckau, later: Reichsbahn Repair Works (Rep. 10 W). The files of the Fischerbrüderschaft (Rep. 10 D) date from the period 1637 to 1929.

The finding aids of various associations were also entered into the archive portal D. This is the branch association Vaterländischer Frauenverein für Magdeburg und Umgegend (Rep. 10 P), founded in 1867, which was dedicated to the care and help of the wounded in times of war and the fight against health and economic hardship in times of peace. The tradition spans the years 1864-1934. The purpose of the Allgemeine Deutscher Sprachverein, Zweigverein Magdeburg (Rep. 10 U) was to promote the purification of the German language from unnecessary foreign elements, to revive the sense of its purity and beauty. The tradition of the Magdeburg Branch Society, founded in 1886, has a time span of 1886-1944. The Monument Committee Roland von Magdeburg e.V. (Rep. 10 V) supported the procurement of a Roland monument for the city of Magdeburg and the widows and orphans of fallen war veterans of the city from the proceeds received for the nailing of the monument. The inventory covers the years 1915-1920.

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