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Archives introduce themselves - The Hennef City Archive

By Archivportal-D

In the section "Archives introduce themselves" we present the various data providers of the Archivportal-D and link to their holdings. We are pleased that the Hennef City Archive is included!



The memory of the administration

The city archive is the central documentation center for the history of the city of Hennef. It is the "memory of the administration", as it is here that the historical records of the formerly independent municipalities of Hennef, Lauthausen and Uckerath and the written material that has become dispensable in the administration are recorded, organized, indexed and stored.

An important concern of the municipal archives is the expansion of the collection holdings. These supplement the municipal records and provide information about life in a town or municipality. These include, for example, photos, posters, commemorative publications, video films, DVDs, but also bequests from private individuals or companies.


Stadtarchiv Hennef

Hennef City Archive


Documents on the history of Hennef

In addition to the already mentioned files, you will find the following interesting documents on Hennef's history:

  •     extensive, well sorted picture collection with approx. 11,000 photos;
  •     postcard collection;
  •     the "Hennefer Volkszeitung" is, with the exception of four volumes, completely preserved for the period 1892-1939 and digitally available on the internet;
  •     Newspaper clipping collection from 1969;
  •     Festschrift collection of the associations;
  •     Wilhelm Schleicher collection, ca.1940 - 1987 (essays, newspaper articles);
  •     Register of births, marriages and deaths of the registry offices of Hennef, Lauthausen and Uckerath from 1810;
  •     Church book copies of the parishes Blankenberg, Bödingen, Geistingen, Hennef from 1770-1808, sporadically already from 1667, 1732;
  •     Church book processing of the Catholic parish Happerschoß with Heisterschoß and Bröl as well as the family book Geistingen;
  •     Reference library with books on Hennef town history and local history.

The town archive in the Meys factory

Citizens visiting the city archives will be gladly advised on questions of genealogy or local history. Associations and other institutions are supported with exhibitions and commemorative publications.

The city archive is constantly striving to expand its collections.

Therefore, we would like to ask all interested citizens who have historical documents, photos, commemorative publications, etc.: please contact the town archive!


Logo Stadtarchiv Hennef


Holding's overview of the Hennef City Archive in the Archivportal-D


You can find the town archive in the Meys Fabrik, Beethovenstraße 21 with the following

opening hours:

            Monday to Thursday 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

            Friday 8.30 to 12.00

            and by appointment.

In order to avoid overlapping appointments, please make an appointment by telephone.


City Archivist

Gisela Rupprath

Telephone: 02242 / 888-540

Fax: 02242./.888-7672

E-mail: gisela.rupprath [at]