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Archives introduce themselves - The Düsseldorf City Archive

By Archivportal-D

In the section "Archives introduce themselves" we present the various data providers of Archivportal-D and link to their holdings. We are happy that the archive of the Düsseldorf City Archive is participating!

Since its founding in 1912, the Düsseldorf City Archive has been the custodian of municipal records and documents that must be permanently preserved for legal or historical reasons.

Archivgebäude des Stadtarchivs Düsseldorf

In addition, the archivists strive, in accordance with their mission, to document as many areas of life in our city as possible. Thus, the archive not only keeps newspapers, collects festive and club magazines, flyers and posters, contemporary documents and illustrations from Düsseldorf, but also takes over collections and important bequests from Düsseldorf companies, institutions, clubs and private individuals.

At present, the holdings comprise about 15 shelf kilometers of archival material.

Holding's overview of the Düsseldorf City Archive in the Archivportal-D


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Stadtarchiv Düsseldorf
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