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Archives introduce themselves – The Müther-Archiv/Baukunstarchiv MV

By Archivportal-D

The Müther Archive at the University of Applied Sciences Wismar holds the professional estate of the civil engineer Ulrich Müther (1934-2007) and is in the process of developing into a focal archive for the construction history of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The "Baukunstarchiv MV", which is in the process of being founded, collects documents of important building professionals from the fields of architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design with reference to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

In 2006, the professional estate of civil engineer Ulrich Müther was transferred to the University of Applied Sciences Wismar. Müther specialized in the construction of concrete shell structures with his company in the GDR and realized over 70 shell structures from the early 1960s until shortly after the fall of the Wall. Today, Müther is considered one of the most important representatives of architectural Eastern Modernism. His estate includes 270 linear meters of files, over a thousand drawings, photographs, 30 models, a small estate library, and measuring instruments for shell buildings. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) financed the archival shooting in a three-year project.

The future "Baukunstarchiv MV" has already taken over further documents. 200 architectural drawings by the building contractor Karl Burmeister (1909-1999) from Marlow give an impression of rural settlement and homestead construction in the 1930s to -70s. The estate of the architect Matthias Schubert (1928-2021) comprises more than 600 plans and five meters of building files. In addition to other, smaller donations, the Baukunstarchiv MV has acquired the estate of Klaus Both (1936-2020). The Both company produced the REH room extension halls in the GDR. Extensive photographic material, construction drawings, correspondence and a large model of a REH characterize the estate.

The archive's holdings are successively recorded in a database and the information is delivered to the archive portal-D via Ariadne. In the online database of the archive, the already created digital copies of archival documents are also freely available to the public for research.

Overview of the holdings of the Müther-Archiv in Archivportal-D.


Hochschule Wismar – University of Applied Sciences. Technology, Business and Design


Philipp-Müller-Straße 14

23966 Wismar

E-Mail: muether-archiv [at]


The archive can be visited by appointment.

Additional information and access to the online database can be found on the website of the archive.