Archives introduce themselves - The State Archives of Schleswig-Holstein

By Dorothee A.E. Sattler

On January 1, 1870, the "Königlich Preußische Staatsarchiv Schleswig" was founded, initially housed at Gottorf Castle. In the following year, Dr. Georg Hille, the first archivally trained scientific official, took up his work. He looked after the archive for forty years. Within Schleswig, the archive moved from the castle to the Hattenhof in Süderdomstraße in 1871, before being relocated to Kiel in 1922/23. In a former naval depot in close proximity to the Prussian High Presidium and the University, the State Archives remained until after the Second World War. In 1948, the Prussian State Archives became the State Archives, which are based in Schleswig - initially again at Gottorf Castle and since 1991 in the Prinzenpalais.

Prinzenpalais im Sommer
Prinzenpalais in Summer / © The State Archives of Schleswig-Holstein

In the three-winged mansion from the 18th century and the adjacent modern functional building, the state archive, as the "memory" of Schleswig-Holstein, stores more than 12,000 parchment documents, 90,000 maps and almost 50,000 shelf meters of files. In addition, there are around 400,000 meters of documentary film, dating back to the beginnings of film around 1895, and increasingly also digital information. The diverse sources range from the Middle Ages to the present. They reflect the political, economic and social living conditions of the people of Schleswig-Holstein through the ages.

Das Magazin
The magazine / © The State Archives of Schleswig-Holstein

It is the task of the State Archives to preserve these documents, to supplement them continuously with current records from the registries of the Schleswig-Holstein state government, courts and authorities, and to make the archival records accessible to interested persons. In addition, documents of non-governmental origin are handed down, such as estates, manor and family archives and association archives. An extensive reference library with around 150,000 volumes, which focuses in particular on historical and archival subjects, provides important information for working with archival sources.

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