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The Barnim District Archive sees itself as a historical information center for the Brandenburg district of Barnim, which is located northeast of Berlin. As one of the public archives of the state of Brandenburg, it holds 1.4 km of historical official and unofficial documents worthy of archiving.

Kreisarchiv Barnim

The District Archive Barnim. Copyright: Torsten Stapel

The diversity of the documents in the care of the Barnim District Archives results from the historical development of its archival institution and the responsibilities assigned to it by the legislature. We therefore manage historical records worthy of archiving, official books and isolated documents of the district administrations from about 1952, the city of Eberswalde from the middle of the 14th century, municipalities belonging to the district, some state authorities with regional jurisdiction and, in addition, records of regional organizations, clubs, associations and companies as well as estates.

Our considerable archive library holds historical and current publications on regional and administrative history as well as reference works. Numerous extensive collections of maps and plans, postcards, photographs, posters, emergency money, etc. vividly document the development of the archive district, primarily over the past 150 years.

Of particular importance for regional historical research are the local newspapers from 1846 and the estate of the well-known local historian Rudolf Schmidt. A rich treasure trove for family researchers is provided by civil status records, registration cards, citizens' books, tax lists and building books.

The archival records of the Barnim District Archives serve to secure legal rights as well as to research and convey local and regional history. Consequently, they can be viewed and evaluated free of charge in our office.

The majority of the holdings of the Barnim District Archives can already be researched via Archivportal-D:

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