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By Cäcilia Maag

Since 2018, the FrauenStadtArchiv Hamburg has existed for the documentation of women's work in Hamburg organized by associations. With this archive, the Landesfrauenrat Hamburg e. V. (LFR) would like to preserve Hamburg's women's history for the future and make it accessible to future generations. Funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Equality and districts, the FrauenStadtArchiv Hamburg indexes and collects materials on the history of Hamburg women and women's organizations and makes them available to an interested public. It is a constantly evolving project that adds a historical perspective to the concern of the Landesfrauenrat Hamburg e. V. to make women's work in the city visible. In addition, the archive organizes events and exhibitions and is an extracurricular meeting and learning place for Hamburg women's history and women's emancipatory developments in diverse areas of society.

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The archive collects documents from the member associations of the LFR as well as on the women who have made a special contribution to them. The holdings include documents from the Hamburg Women's Ring, the Hamburg Women's Organizations Working Group (ahf), photographs and video recordings of the consumer women's fair "Du und Deine Welt" (You and Your World), and bequests, including those of Emmy Beckmann and Clémence Budow. In addition to correspondence and minutes, programs and reports, biographical information on important Hamburg women personalities can be found. The collection is growing steadily.

The archive works closely with the i.d.a. umbrella organization (Dachverband deutschsprachiger Lesben-/Frauenarchive, -bibliotheken und -dokumentationsstellen) and the DDF (Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv) and has been carrying out digitization projects since 2021.

Under the title "Perspectives of migrant women in Hamburg based on the German-Turkish Women's Association and the Migrant Women's Association Hamburg e. V.", the FrauenStadtArchiv, funded by the DDF, started the current digitization project on 01 January 2023. The goal is, together with the two associations, the recording and indexing of their history. With a focus on interviews with contemporary witnesses, the migrant women's movement in Hamburg is to be made visible and, among other things through digitization, sustainably accessible to a broad public. In addition to the first generation of women who came to Germany in the 1960s, their daughters and granddaughters will also be heard. Topics such as stigmatization and paternalism, but also self-empowerment through associational organization, are addressed, as is the so-called "guest work" itself."

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